Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everything About An Interactive School Website

Most schools are breaking the traditional methods of communications such as brochure and circulars. The contemporary crop of schools brought a new trend that caught on like wildfire among the age-old institutes also; the trend of building a school website. The functionality and design of a school internet site have helped a school become popular.

Further, the technology helps educational institutes use the web used as a social platform and not merely a school education portal. At present, with the explosion of Social Media Optimization (SMO), the trend dictates a school to not only build an education portal India, but have an interactive school website too.

The focus is shifted from school to end user

Everyone – faculty members, students and/or parents – wishes to socially experience a content and comment on it. In previous times, the information was passed by a mode of communication that school was convenient using. However, the focal point is shifted from schools to end users; most end users wish to access information using social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, to mention but a few.

A school’s interactive website is a single hub connecting all these social platforms. Also, communicating via these social juggernauts is apt for enhancing the visibility of an educational institution. 

Measuring the reaction of the end users

In previous times, a school was not concerned with the reactions and satisfactory levels of the end user who experiences the final content. Nevertheless, with the advancements in the web technology, a school can use several tools such as Google Analytic s to gauge the reaction of end users. Also, with Google Analytic s, a website administrator can easily examine the rate at which users are visiting the site.

With the changes in times and extreme competitive culture, it is beneficial for school’s to overhaul its image by adopting new trends of marketing and designing interactive internet site.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tips To Build An Excellent Website For Institutes

The internet-savvy society compels every entity – regardless of its industry– to get a web presence. More than a trend, web presence has become a necessity to withstand the atrocities buffeted by the dynamic competitive culture. By and large, every institute has a website to keep the contemporary, never-offline generation posted. The institute along with web development agency strives to create internet sites that are engaging in terms of visuals, content and navigational structure.

  • No communication gulf between institute authorities and website designing agency
The best educational website design is conceived whenever it reflects the principles and spirit for which an institute stands for. For making an excellent web design, the foremost requirement is to bridge any type of communication gap existing between the website development firm and institute’s authorities. An experienced website designing player communicates to the institute’s personnel on a periodical basis to get an insight of their requirements and holistic values.

  • Format should not be hard on the eyes
Always emphasize on the format of a website. An internet site’s format includes use of colors and font styles as well as sizes. The entire format should make the site simple to read. A website’s format that is not user-friendly has a high bounce rate. Further, a consistency in format must be sought; i.e. the entire site – each of its web pages – should have a similar tone.

  • A separate homework board
Several institutional sites have a separate section where teachers can post the homework for students. Further, such a section is imperative for parents to keep a track on their child’s curricula. 

  • Event dairy
This is one of the most significant sections, which should be present on an institutional internet site. The event dairy must give faculty members, students and parents a view of the education institute’s annual events.

Institutional web design India has spread its wings as more and more schools and colleges are coming up with their own internet sites. By harboring its necessity, website design education has become prominent in the broad educational landscape.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Everything About A School’s Online Marketing Campaign

<![endif]-->Designing a school – or any other educational institute – online promotion campaign requires high levels of innovation. The two important ingredients while designing a school’s online marketing campaign are ease-of-understanding. A major section of a school’s promotional campaign is its website; a web designing company should keep both students and staff of the school at heart while designing its internet site.

Communication is the key to success

Most of faulty web strategies for school are conceived due to communication gaps between web designers and the institute’s authorities. Therefore, everything must be done to avert such communication gaps to exist in the first place. The web designers and school authorities must interact on a periodical basis to ensure that a web strategy, addressing all the branding requirements must be established.

Easy navigational structure
A school website design must support an easy navigational structure. The easier the navigational structure the simpler it is for the user to find the desired information. SEO will necessarily increase the traffic on a school’s internet site; however, converting the traffic to potential students depends on the design of the website. The web designer along with school authorities should ensure that the educational website design must solve the desired query of students in the shortest turnaround.

Determine the target audience

While developing a school’s internet site, it becomes significant for web designers to analyze the behavior of the target audience. In the case of a school’s internet site, the target audience generally comprises parents and teenagers. Each of these visitors – especially teenagers – is predisposed to boredom and distraction. Nevertheless, it has become evident that the website’s design must be interactive and easy to navigate for giving the targeted audience a seamless experience. Further, ensure that each educational institution’s internet site must have rich content. Always note, a website having high-quality content increases its Google ranking.

Such points must be harboured while planning the website’s promotional campaign

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What A School Website Should Have?

Content is the life of any website. Images or flash videos on a website can only allure visitors, but what makes them stay is the content. Special consideration must be given while designing content for the website for schools. Often, in the process of deciding which content should stick onto the website, some content editors and web designers throw out the baby with the bath water.  

Deciding the worthiness of content on a website, especially for a school, is not simple. The writers, editors and web designers must know the audience. Primarily, the audience of education websites comprises students, parents and faculty members alike. The reams of information must be placed on the website with painstaking organization.

In general, the following information should find space on a school’s website.

The school’s information

A school’s website should have a page dedicated to the generic information such as the institution’s telephone number, driving directions and full postal address. Also, mentioning the school’s boundary is useful. The generic information might also include school’s history, awards received, mission statement and other interesting facts.

The policy of school

The school’s policy must be included on the website. The information about school’s policy consists of dress code, graduation requirements, code of conduct, and the like. Publishing such policies helps the reader get an idea about the school’s values.

Event calendar

A webpage must be earmarked for listing the events, which will be happening throughout the year in the school. The calendar of events is the best way to keep parents, students and teachers updated about school happenings.

Links to resources

Providing links to students and teachers about the resources has been a helpful practice done by many schools. However, the internet site’s administrator must keep a check on whether these links are working or not.

A school’s internet site should have the above mentioned content. Other requirements of content can be determined easily if there is no communication gap present between web designers, content writers and school authorities.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Role of School Websites in Brand Building

Websites as a luxury is a thing for the past; presently, it has become a necessity for any type of business. Website plays a significant role in building the brand image of a school. With the advent of internet technology, the importance of school education websites cannot be undermined. A school’s website has taken a cardinal position in building the educational marketing strategy. A neat, user-friendly website design education generates unimaginable leads and also provides an excellent platform for engaging with potential and current students.

The significance of a school’s website

  • A well-designed website of a school or any other educational institution can create excellent platform for promoting its departments, strengths and services.
  • A school’s educational site offers engaging day-to-day content for binding the visitor, especially a current student.
  • With the progresses in technology, cutting-edge software – such as Content ManagementSystems (CMS) – has been developed to manage a school’s internet site cost-effectively. Such software helps in easing off the entire process of updating the websites. Also, such software enables the site’s admin to add search engine specific rich text in the website.
  • Remember to update content on the website periodically; since the more frequently the site gets updated the more a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc.) would come back to it. Content is the king.
  • Also, a school’s website is available every time, which is not the case with a brick and mortar school building.

What a school website can have?
 A school’s internet site can accommodate a large amount of information of different types. Some information that a school’s educational site has includes:-

  • School’s policy
  • School information
  • Calendar of events
  • Newsletters 
  •  Extracurricular activities

The website design education for a school helps it produce business leads and boast its other achievements.