Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Why periodical website maintenance is necessary?

Maintenance is necessary for proper functioning of a car, lawn and your health too. Likewise, maintenance of websites is important for their proper working. A website gives your business an online personality, and you would want to beautify it to attract more customers. A well-kept website is admired by every visitor. An up-to-date site is a must-have for:-

•    Regularly attracting clients
•    Having envious search engine rankings
•    Offering prospects and existing customers new information about products and services
•    Offering information to a business’s stake holders

High significance of a website’s maintenance task has led many leading Web development companies to offer website AMC service. Like any other businesses, most education institutions avail educational website AMC services.

What all work does website maintenance include?

An unmaintained site creates poor user experience. No latest news, no updated content, broken links can really devastate a visitor’s experience. In totality, an unmaintained site leaves many visitors unimpressed, and you can end up losing a substantial amount of business. That’s a threat to a business’ existence. Therefore, it’s apt to maintain your website periodically. In general, the maintenance activities of a website include:- 

•    Content addition

Your website can always have a lot of new content for interested visitors. The content can be related to –

o    Company news
o    Employee addition
o    Industry news
o    Update content related to products and/or services
o    Create PDFs that offer informative content related to products/services

•    Broken links must be done away with

You want visitors to be satisfied after visiting your site. And one way of offering a quality visiting experience to every visitor is by getting rid of broken links. Every internal link of your site must be checked. Further, each and every outgoing link must be tested a couple of times every year. Warning! A website falls in search engine rankings if it’s strewn with broken links.