Sunday, 17 August 2014

Top 3 Tips for an effective web design for educational institutes

Effective web design narrows down on the principle of optimum usability and utility of the website. Apart from being visually captivating, a website should also offer a user-centric approach through its content and design. Assembling the data on one platform to make sure that the user can perceive it effectively should be the whole idea behind designing on web. Below are the basic principles that should be kept in mind to advance an effective web design.   

Consider the end-user’s psyche

Keeping in mind a user-centric approach, it is important to design the website as per the end user’s requirement. For instance, website designing services for colleges should fulfill usability criteria of students, parents, teachers etc. The various programs offered by the institution should be listed meticulously, placement avenues, the scope of the institution etc. all these aspects are eminent to cover to make it user-centric.

Understanding the user’s psychology is important, after all the features designed on the website are meant to be accessed by them; else it would have been non-existent.

Strive for major feature exposure

Web designing is about creative display of your institution. However, extensive use of graphics and animation may leave the content and other important details of the website unnoticed. It is important to know where to use animation and in what degree it should be incorporated to support your website. Depending upon the nature of business, use of animation should be devised in web designing. Leading web developing companies that render website development services for universities focus on making minimal use animation, pop-ups etc. that generally dissuade the institution from voicing its purpose.

 A web design layout for an educational website should be more informative giving details about the programmes offered, employment scope, distance learning avenues etc. Animation here should be used to display the information in the most user-friendly manner. Unnecessary graphics and animation may overshadow the information display. Instead, use of catchy graphics should be made to accentuate the prime offerings of the institute.

Let your visitor breathe
Provision for your visitors’ query and feedback is essential. Assailing the user with information without leaving scope for his inputs does not make a good web layout. Furthermore, leaving your user’s queries unattended is embarrassing. This will leave your web visitor disappointed, adversely affecting your brand name as well.

Keeping in mind these tips can help to design a ‘user specific’ website especially for educational institutes.