Sunday, 21 December 2014

Benefits of the University Management Software

An Introduction

Every enterprise— big corporate houses, universities, need a central software to manage the large database effectively. In the age where technology is taking precedence to simplify our lives, the management of University’s Database has been a goal easily achieved. Raging from HR management system for colleges to placement portal, there is no short of responsibilities for the companies offering university management software.
Following are the utility benefits that are provided by the software in colleges:

Library Management

The store-house of information and center stage of knowledge, Library and its effective management is of pivotal importance for an education institution. The software must take care of:
  • Entries of existing books
  • Unique identification of each book
  • Managing the return and issue of books through bar codes
  • Reminder for subscription expiry and renewals
  • Offering quick search by title, genre, author, keywords, publisher or year of publication
  • Bar code based issue and return function supported by Bar Code if Required
  • To update general catalogue details
Employee Management

The customized software helps addressing several employee-related issues chronologically, from managing employing record to their salaries direction, through payroll management system for colleges provided by customized software. Some of them are listed below:
  • Unique Identification of every employee
  • An ID to Record daily transactions and managerial inputs
  • Designation allocation and probation/permanent status update
  • Application management of new entrants and employee details/documents etc.
  • Salary process and customizable deductions like PF/IT/PT
Hostel Management
The software is a ready-database of important information pertaining to hostel helping the hostel staff to be updated with the significant happenings in and around the campus.
  • Building Information
  • Student’s Detail
  • Student In & Out Attendance
  • Bill collection, maintenance and generation of hostel mess and others
  • Maintenance charges & repair record
  • Daily expenses of hostel management
  • Visitor’s record and track record
A full-fledged system is needed to manage the human resource of any institution. The biggest asset for any college is undoubtedly its human resource. From teachers, administration, marketers to students all the valuable assets and hence, need to managed effectively and University management system has it all.