Wednesday, 10 September 2014

ERP Systems Specifically For Educational Institutions

Computers and the Internet technology have become tools for making an entity (human, businesses, etc.) omnipresent. The essence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been visible in our everyday environment. Manufacturing entities were the first to draw benefits from ICTs. One of the biggest boons of ICTs has been Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The academia, at present, has explored the benefits and comforts that are offered by an ERP.  Continue reading to explore...  

What is an ERP system?

An ERP is a set of software applications that helps in centralizing company-wide information system. An ERP system of an educational institution (university, college, school, nursery, etc.) can help in integrating different departments, divisions, geographical locations into a university-wide, unified information system. University management software, by and large, can integrate different functions of a university such as:-

  • Student information
  • Human resources
  • Financial systems

What can ERP software do for an educational institution?

Such type of software that is designed specifically for educational institutes can:-

  • Integrate as well as facilitate the flow of information across a variety of functions
  • Act as a helper in re-engineering an educational institute’s faulty practices and ailing policies
  • Support metric-based decision making as well as trend analysis
  • Dramatically reduce the overall cost of information management and maintenance  
  • Become a storehouse for critical information
  • Allow a user to input data within a single system that can, further, integrate in other systems
  • Allow a user to easily access data in real-time environment
  • Dramatically cut down on work that does not add value

Problems faced while implementing an ERP for educational institution

ERP offers a systematized informational architecture. All ERP software companies prioritize safety of a user’s information.  The implementation of such a system, however, can become problematic if:-
  • Strategic goals and purpose have not been clearly defined.
  • Educational institution’s management is reluctant and does not show active participation when the system is getting implemented.

Thus, for availing the full benefits of an ERP, it is necessary for solution provider as well as educational intuition to work closely.

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